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Values, Mission & Vision

What is counseling and what do counselors actually do?

Counseling is a service provided by clinically trained mental health professionals, who promote mental health and wellness within an individual, group, and community format. We assist clients who are goal oriented and want to make positive changes in their lives. Counselors guide clients in overcoming personal barriers and life stressors in meeting their personal and professional goals. We assist our clients in exploring and accessing their own strengths and equip our clients with healthy and sustainable coping skills.


Counseling Center Core Values

  1. Safety
  2. Support
  3. Empowerment

Counseling Center Mission Statement

The essential function of Counseling Services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is to empower students to overcome barriers to their academic success by:

  1. Providing counseling services for university students
  2. Promoting a culture of community by fostering an atmosphere of caring.

Counseling Center Vision Statement

  1. By 2016 the Office of Counseling Services will initiate process to obtain International Association of Counseling Services (IACS) accreditation
  2. By 2015 the Office of Counseling Services will incorporate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as appropriate in therapy