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College of Professional Studies

Human Services Minor

Human Services Minor

(For Catalog Terms Fall 2007 and After)

Minor in Human Services:  18 hours

The interdisciplinary Human Services Minor provides an opportunity to sample course work in several professional areas in human services.  This minor is an excellent option for students whose career path may bring them into contact with various social services, law enforcement or public administration.

The minor is administered by the College of Professional Studies, Office of the Dean.

The following 12 hours of core courses are required:

SPCH 2310             Human Communication Concepts

PADM 3331            Public Administration

SOWK 1301            Introduction to Social Work

GERO 2300            Introduction to Aging and the Elderly

The remaining 6 hours are to be chosen from these approved electives:

AUSP 2360             Introduction to Speech and Hearing Disorders

CRJU 4305             Juvenile Law and Process

CRJU 4307             Drug Abuse

GERO 4315            Interdisciplinary Health Care of the Elderly

GERO 4336            Death and Dying

GERO 4346            Family in Late Life

SOCI 3334              Social Problems

SOCI 3350              Family Violence

SOWK 3313            Social Welfare Policy I

SPCH 4323             Family Communication

SPCH 4311             Organizational Communication

Students who major in one of the above fields may not count a course taken for the major as an elective course in this minor.  Course substitutions may be made with the approval of the Associate Dean of the college.

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Updated 10.14.2013