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College of Professional Studies

Officers and Committees

Dean’s Cabinet
Angela Brenton, Dean
Jamie Byrne, Associate Dean
Thomas Guyette, Chair, Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology
Jeff Walker, Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
Hunter Bacot, Director, Institute of Government
Linda Pledger, Interim Director, School of Mass Communication
Benjamin Fry, General Manager, KLRE/KUAR
Howard Turney, Director, School of Social Work
Robert Ulmer, Chair, Department of Speech Communication

College Council
Timothy Edwards, Mass CommunicationChair
Nanette Nicholson, Audiology and Speech Pathology
Kilby Raptopoulos, Criminal Justice
David Sink, Institute of Government
Kristin McIntyre, Speech Communication
LaVerne Bell-Tolliver, Social Work
Malcolm Glover, KLRE/KUAR

Curriculum Committee
Avinash Thombre, Speech CommunicationChair
Stacey Mahurin, Audiology and Speech Pathology
Jim Golden, Criminal Justice
Roby Robertson, Institute of Government                                                           Dale Zacher, Mass Communication
Lillie Wichinsky, Social Work

Technology Committee
Tab Reinhold, Criminal Justice CPS IT
                                                                  Sam Atcherson, Audiology and Speech Pathology
Jim Golden, Criminal Justice                                                                           Meagan Jordan, Institute of Government                                                              Ben Fry, KLRE/KUAR
Mark Giese, Mass Communication
David Weekley, Mass Communication
Brett Besag, MidSouth                                                                                    Catherine Crisp, Social Work
Cheryl Johnston, Speech Communication

Recruitment and Retention Committee
Greg Robinson, Audiology and Speech Pathology –Chair
Karen Wisdom, Criminal Justice
Dianne Wigand, Institute of Government
Amy Barnes, Mass Communication
Mark Giese, Mass Communication (Alternate)                                                       Greg Smith, Social Work
Melissa Johnston, Speech Communication
Natalie Holley, Speech Communication (Alternate)                                          

Student Assessment Committee
Betholyn Gentry, Audiology and Speech Pathology
 , Criminal Justice
Dianne Wigand, Institute of Government
Kwasi Boateng, Mass Communication
Kim Jones, Social Work
Avinash Thombre, Speech Communication

Faculty Senators                                                                                            Laura Smith-Olinde, Audiology and Speech Pathology                                             Jim Golden, Criminal Justice
Roby Robertson, Institute of Government                                                            Amy Barnes, Mass Communication                                                                      Sonny Rhodes, Mass Communication                                                               Shannon Collier-Tenison, Social Work
Lillie Wichinsky, Social Work (Alternate)                                                           Avinash Thombre, Speech Communication   

Undergraduate Council                                                                              Johanna Thomas, Social Work                                                                              Jay Williams, Social Work                                                                                  

Graduate Council
Stacy Moak, Criminal Justice
                                                                                   Lillie Wichinsky, Social Work                                                                                  John Miller, Social Work (Alternate)                                                                      Kristen McIntyre, Speech Communication

Appeals Council
Carolyn Turturro, Social Work & Gerontology

Tenure Committee                                                                                       *Richard Zraick, Audiology & Speech Pathology                                                        *Donna Kelly, Audiology & Speech Pathology                                                            *Also serves on the Appeals Council

Committee on Committees
Rosalie Otters, Social Work
Greg Smith, Social Work (Alternate)                                                                  

Library Committee                                                                                        Bruce Plopper, Mass Communication                                                                       Chris Lloyd, Social Work

Updated 11.9.2011