Intern Mentors Inmates to re-enter Society

The Senior Justice Interns have, separately and/or collectively, attended at least one of the re-entry programs for the inmates at Wrightsville prison.  At the program, the interns had the opportunity to hear Dr. Montague speak to the inmates.  The interns also interacted with the inmates by answering questions about how “insiders” are often categorized while incarcerated and even more so once they are released.  The interns had the chance to meet several of the inmates during a short break.  They talked about their some of their experiences as inmates and what  they hope to accomplish when released. Each of the interns enjoyed the time they spent at the re-entry program and look forward to attending programs in the future. The following is a schedule of the Pine Bluff Re-entry Programs.
class 014 pine bluff reentry schedule-1.pdf

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