Emily Berthelot

Dr. Emily Berthelot

Dr. Emily Berthelot is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She became a member of the faculty in the fall of 2012 after spending two years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Houston Downtown (UHD). She received her doctoral degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology from Louisiana State University in 2010.

Her dissertation research consisted of a multi-level examination of homicide victimization risk in the United States by integrating community-level and individual-level theories of crime. Specifically, she sought to understand how socioeconomic disadvantage influences homicide victimization at two levels of analysis. At the community level, researchers have focused on structural factors (e.g. the rate of poverty and the spatial concentration of poverty) as the key covariates of homicide. In contrast, other scholars have focused on the relationship between individual-level socioeconomic status (e.g. educational attainment and income) and a person’s chances of being a homicide victim. Although scholars understand how socioeconomic status functions at these two distinct levels, few studies have sought to understand how they interact to influence homicide trends.

Her research interests include violent offending and victimization, homicide studies, violent cultures, race/ethnicity and crime, inequality and crime, neighborhoods and crime, public health and mortality, and quantitative methodologies.She has published articles in journals such as the International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice and the Law, Southern Rural Sociology, Annals of Epidemiology, Sociology Mind, and Kentucky Journal of Anthropology and Sociology.

Dr. Berthelot can be reached at (501) 683-7537 or erberthelot@ualr.edu
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