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Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

1. NRI: A Wearable Robotic Object Manipulation Aid for the Visually Impaired (funded by National Institutes of Health)

2. NRI: Collaborative Research: Quadrupedal Human-Assistive Robotic Platform (Q-HARP) (funded by National Institutes of Health)

3. A Co-Robotic Cane for the Visually Impaired (funded by National Institutes of Health)

4. New Computer Vision Methods for NASA Robotic Planetary Exploration (funded by NASA)

5. 3D Computer Vision Methods for Co-robots with Application to Healthcare (funded by Arkansas Research Alliance)


Selected Past Research Projects

1. Towards Portable Navigational Devices for the Visually Impaired (Funded by National Science Foundation)

2. Autonomous navigation of a mobile surveying system for automatic bio-signature detection (Funded by NASA)

3. 3D imaging sensor for 6-DOF localization of mobile robots (Funded by Arkansas Space Grant Consortium)

4. Development of Algorithms to mitigate the effects of Lunar dust on robotic exploration (Funded by NASA)

5. Development of Algorithms for Cooperating Multi-robotic Systems1. Multi-robotic Team Performance Augmentation through Wireless Networking

6. Terrain Mapping and Navigation using Multiple Sensor Modalities

Click here to see a mapping and navigation system in action on urban terrain

7. Obstacle Avoidance/Negotiation for the Segway RMP

8. Mobile Robot Obstacle Negotiation on Rugged Terrain

9. Mobile Robot Terrain Mapping with a 2-D Laser Rangefinder

The above four projects were completed at the University of Michigan's Mobile Robotic lab. The sponsors are DOE, DARPA and the university's Automotive Research Center supported by the US Army TACOM.

6. Robotic Videographer (RV)

RV is a speaker tracking system based on Infrared imaging technology. This system is to track a speaker and automate lecture recording and publishing. This project were completed at the University of Michigan as a part of ATLAS collaborative project. The sponsors are NSF and the university.

7. Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Generation of Fuzzy System for Obstacle Avoidance

This project was initiated at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and continued at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The sponsors are University of Hong Kong and Singapore National Science and Technology Board.

8. An Autonomous Mobile Vehicles (AMVs) Simulator

It was carried out at the University of Hong Kong and was funded by the university.

9Red Light Video System (RLVS)

It was funded by the Hong Kong Transportation Department (HKTD). The related technology, dubbed Wireless Data Login and Event Reporting Technology, was applied to several wireless remote surveillance projects funded by HKTD, Hong Kong Telecom, etc; and lead to a technology spin off company, mCoMo Ltd.


Contact Dr. Cang Ye

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