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Dean of Students

Shots Fired Training

“Even though the possibility of being involved in an active shooter incident is very remote, the consequences are so potentially catastrophic that it makes good sense for you to spend some time now thinking and preparing for it. On any given day, lightning will strike someone, somewhere in the world. And during any given month or year, the reality is an active shooter will strike somewhere in some workplace. If that workplace is yours, you’ll need the proper mindset and tools to react with purpose and to maximize your chance of survival.” (Center for Personal Protection and Safety)

Survival Mindset & Courses of Action
Active Shooter vs Hostage Event
Pre-Incident Indicators-Behaviors of Concern in the Workplace
Survival Mindset & Courses of Action
(PowerPoint presentations)

QuickTime Video

Introduction (2:00)

Lightning Strikes (2:00)

Survivors Part 1 (2:19)

Survivors Part 2 (2:56)

Survivors Part 3 (2:31)

Survivors Part 4 (2:45)

Law Enforcement (1:55)

Hostage Situation (0:51)

Prevention (2:26)

Updated 3.25.2013