The Annual Fund for UALR

Ph.D. Candidate, Jermaine Marshall

While a student at UALR, the computer science major and his mother struggled to pay for his education. By his second semester, he had earned two UALR scholpic3arships, greatly reducing his financial burden and allowing him to focus on hi studies. Jermaine was later accepted into the prestigious UALR Donaghey Scholars Program, which provides tuition and fees for up to eight semesters. Jermaine was also a member of the McNair Scholars Program, designed for undergraduates aspiring to doctorate degrees. As the recipient of a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Jermaine is on track to earn a doctorate from Notre Dame University.

Social Work Major, Jamie Mullins

For Jamie Mullins, a 20-year-old junior majoring in social work, going to college is the fulfillment of a dream. She wanted both to earn a degree and inspire her younger auhhhhhbother, who is hearing impaired, to enroll in college. When the stark reality of college costs threatened to derail her plans, Jamie found financial support through the UALR Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Scholarship Program and the Rockefeller Scholarship. “Donating to these scholarships helps someone like me who is ready to work toward, and live out, my dreams,” she says.

Millennium Scholar, Kyle King

When Kyle King, an 18-year old freshman from North Little Rock, attended the summer Engineering Scholars Program at UALR in 2013, he fell in love with the University while learning about engineering and robotics. The Gates Millennium Scholar aspires to work for technology giants Google and Apple, launch his own company, and create computer software that will change the world. Thanks to donor generosity, he received pic2three scholarships so he can concentrate on his future rather than worrying about the financial burden college debt would place on his family. Kyle urges donors to consider giving, “so any student who wishes to attend UALR will have as many opportunities as possible in pursuit of higher education.” Your generosity in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Your donation today will ensure that our students continue to receive the high-quality, student-centered educational experience for which UALR has come to be known.  Your participation will make a difference.

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