Choose UALR 2015 “Your Campus, Your Choice”

Why Choose UALR?

Simply put, your gift makes a difference right here at UALR.  Many areas rely on our gifts to maintain services and develop and grow programs that support our students, our research, and our faculty and staff development. Equally important is that our support demonstrates to UALR alumni, friends, corporations, foundations and community partners that we believe in UALR and that it’s worthy of their support too.

When the Campus Campaign began in 2001, 6.5% of the campus participated.  In 2014, that support rose to 60% of all benefits-eligible employees.  By choosing UALR, we are investing in ourselves and strengthening the university for current and future faculty, staff, and students. As we begin the new year and the 2015 Campus Campaign, we want to remind you that your participation in this year’s campaign starts calculating January 1, 2015 and that every gift matters. Choose UALR!!

A special thank you to our community partners this year.  Arkansas Federal Credit Union and Community Bakery.

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Congratulations to the departments with 100% giving in 2015

Alumni and Development
Arkansas Small Business Technology Development Center
Business Information Systems
Business Micro Computer Lab
COB Computer Lab
COB Student Services
Center for Literacy
Chancellor Leadership Corp
Community Connection Center
Construction Management & Civil & Construction Engineering
Dean’s Office College of Education and Health Professions
Dean’s Office – EIT
Dean’s Office – Education and Health Professions
Dean’s Office – Social Sciences & Communication
Department of Computer Science
Department of Digital Strategy
Emerging Analytics Center
Facilities Mgmt-Accounting
Facilities Mgmt-Engineering
Facilities Mgmt-System Support
Facilities Mgmt-Warehouse
Human Resource Services
Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education
Marketing and Advertising
Office of Campus Life
Office of Government Relations
Public Safety
Small Business & Tech Develop Ctr
Study Abroad

Campus Campaign News