Push our buttons!

Isn’t there an immense satisfaction gained from something so simple as pressing a button? Cause/effect taking place before your very eyes!

Or, in the case of websites, click and you shall receive. A new page or action, that is.

We’ve seen several buttons scattered here and there. Colorful ones. Square ones. Big ones. Tiny ones.

Here’s what we ask: Stop it.

Here’s why: We love making them. Let us create a button for you that is styled in our (quite fledgling) button family.

Also, because keeping a family of like elements is one of the three legs propping up our branding stool. The obvious branding elements include our wordmark, the Trojan logo, and the official university seal.

Colors and fonts matter, too. The official UALR maroon color is the web hex code #6e2639.

Branding isn’t just about those elements, though. It’s in the words we write, the presentations we put together, the customer service we give.

But sometimes, it is just a button. So go ahead, press ours.

We’re happy to help!


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