WordPress updates

The Department of Digital Strategy has upgraded your ualr.edu site to the latest version of WordPress (3.6), which includes a few new features.

  • Embed audio and video files automatically. With the new media player, all you need to do to embed a YouTube video is go to the video you want to embed, click on Share, and copy/paste that url into your WordPress Page or Post. It’s that simple.
  • Better Menu builder. If you created more than say, three menus, you know what a pain it was to keep clicking the right arrow to get to the other menus in the horizontal bar. That’s gone. In its place is a dropdown menu to select the menu you want to edit. Additionally, the Pages box in the middle column has been moved to the top. Menu builder changes
  • Last is the revamped revisions on Posts and Pages. This can be found on any Post or Page in the Publish box at the top of the right column. Why is this a big deal? Now, every change is saved and the interface allows you to scroll through those changes and see who edited what. You can restore to a previous version of your Post or Page, or compare two versions from any date.

Where you can find the Revision in a Post or Page.

Comparing revisions in new WordPress

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