What is a website without audience-appropriate, timely, and relevant content?

Quality web content is critical to our mission as a university. To set UALR apart, we need a consistent and clear brand message that is carried out across the entire digital ecosystem. It is up us to ensure that the user experience on the web is a satisfying one, and content plays a significant role in that.

Content is used to describe the words, images, videos, infographics, and other data that is created to communicate clearly to an audience.

We help you craft a content strategy that begins with teaching you the basics:

  • Determining your audience
  • Honing in on your key messages
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • Learning WordPress
  • Writing for the web
  • Adding multimedia
  • Checking for accessibility

Every site is different, but we are united by our UALR mission. Think of it as a family, and every other unit on campus as your sibling or parent. There are even some cousins in there, too.