The Lowdown – January 2010

The Lowdown from DRC

It’s a new semester, and all of us in the Disability Resource Center are working with faculty to reduce barriers in teaching, and collaborating with students to help make a smooth transition for their spring classes. Please let us know how we can best serve you! Email me at if you would like to reply to this message.

Sharon Downs, Director

Disability Interest Group

D.I.G. is a new group that was formed during the Fall 2009 semester. The purpose of the group is to give students, staff and faculty a chance to come together in an informal manner and openly discuss dynamics of disability and campus life. D.I.G. will meet on the third Tuesday of every month during the spring semester. All are welcome to attend. If interested in learning more about the group, contact Ashish Bhakta at You may also email Melanie Thornton, at to be added to the DIG-UALR listserv. We hope to see you at the next meeting on January 19th at 1:00, in DSC SGA T201.

Discussion Board

The DRC recently launched an interactive discussion board on our home page. Read more about our Discussion Board here.

Design Matters: Capture Your Audio, Caption Your Video

The Deaf Community fought a long and difficult battle to get captioning where it is today on televised programming, but with the explosion of online videos there is a new frontier for this struggle. Emerging technologies are making captioning online videos easier than ever. Full article: Capture Your Audio, Caption Your Video

Featured Partner

Joshua Silverstein, professor at the William H. Bowen School of Law, is the DRC Featured Partner. He is a shining example of effective pedagogy that results in fewer barriers to student learning. Full article: Joshua Silverstein.

Joshua Silverstein picture

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