Inside Scoop – August 2012

New staff

Please join us in welcoming the two newest members to the Disability Resource Center: Kimya Herd, Office Manager, and Reed Claiborne, Access Consultant! Go to our Meet the Staff page to learn more about these two fine folks, and come by any time to meet them!


Our office has a limited number of smartpens available for check-out. Here’s a description:

“The smartpen is a fountain-pen sized computer with audio/visual feedback and memory for handwriting capture, audio-recording and applications; paper with Dot Positioning System technology that creates interactive documents using plain paper printed with microdots; software applications, including audio/ink capture and handwriting recognition. Notes can be stored on a computer using a USB connection.” (Jim Marggraff, founder of Livescribe)

Here is more information about smartpens. Check-out time is limited to two weeks which will allow students to evaluate the usefulness of the pen. They are for sale in the UALR bookstore, and can be purchased with book vouchers.

Laptop tutorial

Do you use a DRC laptop for testing? If this semester will be the first time you use this accommodation, or if you’ve ever had any problems with using the software or adaptive technology on one of our laptops in previous semesters, please schedule an appointment with Justin Hicks in the DRC. He will give you a tutorial so that on test day it will be smooth sailing. Please schedule an appointment well in advance of your first exam!

Final thoughts

We hope that everything will go well for you this term, both inside and out of the classroom. If you run into any unanticipated barriers, please let us know. We are here to work with you and your professors, both now and any time during the semester, to remove any barriers that stand in the way of your learning. Cheers!

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