Lowdown – September 2012


We’ve added a new feature to our website, an Appendix to Faculty Notification Letters. We hope you’ll access the information any time you have questions about an accommodation listed on any FNLs you receive. There you will find more detailed information, as well as helpful links. And as the letters all state:

Because courses vary widely, the discussion of potential accommodations in broad terms does not always translate effectively to every course and situation. If you have any concerns you are encouraged to contact me at 501.569.3143 (office) or sadowns@ualr.edu.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature.


We recognize that there are many areas in which the DRC intersects with the university community. We’ve structured our skills and interests to provide a systematic approach to outreach and technical assistance. The following staff are liaisons to the campus in these areas:

  • Sharon Downs, Director – Policy and Curriculum Design
  • Justin Hicks, Access Consultant – Technology
  • Connie Wordlaw, Access Consultant – Programming
  • Reed Claiborne, Access Consultant – Facilities

So for example, if you’re looking at language on your college website that relates to disability, or would like information about how to design your course in a way that includes everyone, call Sharon. If your department is considering a software purchase, but you’re uncertain of its accessibility, contact Justin. If you’re having a speaker come to UALR and you want to advertise in an inclusive way, call Connie. Suppose you’re wanting to set up a new lab and you want us to give feedback so it’s usable by everyone, call Reed. We hope you’ll find this new structure helpful. If you are uncertain of who to contact, please call Sharon Downs.


Now that we’re into the groove of the Fall 2012 semester, please take a moment to review the procedures for checking out a DRC laptop for testing, with information for students and professors.


Must students register with the DRC? Does the professor have the option of working out accommodations with the student without involving the DRC?

Faculty and students can work out accommodations on their own without involving the Disability Resource Center, and often this works well. If at any point either the student or the professor feel like it would be helpful for us to be involved, then please get in touch with us. We are here to work as a team with both the student and faculty to reduce and eliminate barriers to inclusion, and to put accommodations in place.

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