Grievance Procedures

Grievance about faculty or staff

If you have concerns about the way faculty or staff have responded to your accommodation requests, please contact the DRC office. A staff member can meet with you to work on an approach, and may engage all parties. For academic concerns not resolved after discussion with the professor, you can meet with the administrator at the next level up. The order is:

  • Department Chair
  • Dean
  • Provost Office
  • Chancellor’s Office

Grievance about Disability Resource Center

For complaints about DRC staff, the order in which to address your concerns is:

  • The staff person about whom you are dissatisfied
  • DRC director
  • Dean of Students (501-569-3328)

The UALR Student Handbook, distributed by the Office of the Campus Life (569-3308), also provides information on grievance procedures and appeals. These grievance procedures provide you with a means of due process for dealing with concerns whether they are related to your disability or not. Students who would like a copy of this information in an alternate format should request these in the DRC.