Adaptive Technology for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Assistive Listening Devices

Description: Personal FM assistive listening devices; Conference Mate assistive listening device for small groups; room FM assistive listening devices for large rooms (e.g. theaters) using sound systems, plus a portable sound system for large rooms not already wired for sound
Brand Name: Comtek; Williams Sound
Location on Campus: Contact DRC for information

Distance Education Technology

Description: Technology used to make online videostreams fully accessible by providing interpreters and captions.
Location on Campus: Contact DRC for information


Description: Portable low level spot-light for use with interpreters in darkened rooms
Location on Campus: DRC


Description: Equipment that can add captions to videos; also television that has closed captioning capabilities for student use
Location on Campus: DRC (equipment for staff use); Library Lab (TV)


Description: Information and demonstration of assistive listening devices and phone amplification
Location on Campus: Audiology

Residence Hall alert devices

Description: Numerous rooms are wired for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing (smoke/fire alarms, door knock/light flashers)
Location on Campus: Residence Hall


Description: Electronic speller that provides words and definitions; spelling dictionary also available which is an alphabetical list of words
Brand Name: Franklin Dictionary and Thesaurus
Location on Campus: DRC (available to check out)

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