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Instructions for this form: In the space to the left of the course name enter the number of credit-hours for any courses not yet completed and which is a component of the student's program of study. Enter a grade to show credit for courses already completed. Enter a W for a requirement which is waived or a T for transfer credits.
Program Requirements
The master of education in Learning Systems Technology requires  a total of 36 graduate credit hours, including 9 Educational Foundations hours, 18 Learning Technology hours, a 3 to 6 hour field experience, 3 elective hours from the areas of Foundations, English writing, Learning Technologies or other content area approved by the adviser, plus a comprehensive examination or alternative exit requirement, i.e. a portfolio. No more than six hours of workshop credit will be accepted in the program. No more than six hours earned within the last 3 years of transfer credit will be accepted in the program.

Students must satisfy graduation requirements stated in the Academic Rules and Regulations section of the Graduate Bulletin and additional program requirements found under the College of Education. The University reserves the right to modify policies and programs of study by supplying students written notice of the change.
Educational Foundations Required Courses
___EDFN 7303 Introduction to Research and Its Applications
___EDFN 7313 Theories and Principles of Instruction
___EDFN 7314 Cognition and Instruction
Learning Technologies Required Courses
___LSTE 7303 Technology and Society
___LSTE 7305 Survey of Computer-based Learning Systems
___LSTE 7310 Systematic Integration of Technology in Learning Settings
___LSTE 7320 Intranet and Internet Learning Systems
___LSTE 7325 Assessment in Learning Systems Technology
___LSTE 7330 Distance Learning Systems Technology
___LSTE 7100, 7200, 7300  Independent Study
___LSTE 7101, 7201, 7301 Workshop Educational Media
___LSTE 7240 Computer Applications for Administrators
___LSTE 7306 Digital Photography and Learning Systems                                             ___Comprehensive Exam
___LSTE 7308 Digital Television and Learning Systems                                                  ___Portfolio
___LSTE 7309 Administration of Learning Systems Technology                                    (Expected Date:___________ )
___LSTE 7350 Practicum
LSTE 7360 Seminar
___EDFN 7304 Basic Statistical Concepts
___EDFN 7320 Advanced Educational Psychology
___EDFN 7330 Human Development
___RHET 5302 Technical Reports
___RHET 5304 Technical Style and Editing
___RHET 5306 Writing for Business and Government
________Other (requires prior approval by the adviser.)

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