Administrators and Counselors


Administrators and counselors provide the avenues between CE partners which make CE possible and successful. They are the advocates and drivers behind quality instructors and enrollment.


  • Support and encourage teachers to attend the UALR Concurrent Enrollment professional development.
  • Utilize the UALR Concurrent Enrollment webpage for professional development opportunities.
  • Share success stories about CE and what it does for the community, school, and most importantly the students.
  • Provide a link to on the school’s website for easy access to teachers, students, and parents.
  • Allow and encourage collaboration between UALR faculty and high school faculty.
  • Uphold the guidelines set forth in the MOU.
  • Encourage student awareness of course transfer possibilities using the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

Faculty Approval/Denial

  1. Evaluate faculty credentials for qualifying faculty members.
    1. Must hold a master’s degree in the specified discipline for the courses requested, or
    2. Must hold a master’s degree in any area with an additional 18 or more graduate hours in the specific discipline.
  2. Send any potential qualifying teacher transcripts to with the following:
    1. A list of courses your high school would like to offer associated with specific teachers
    2. A current curriculum vitae
  3. The University CE Coordinator vets the credentials before sending them to the department chairs.
  4. Once faculty is approved or denied, the University Coordinator will communicate the decision to the High School Coordinator then informs the High School teacher and administrator.

Course Approval

  1. Send a course syllabus for each course request.
    1. If a sample syllabus is needed, please let the University CE Coordinator.
  2. Decide how many sections of each approved course are needed.
    1. Remember in order to offer the course as concurrent, at least 51% of the student enrollment in that section must be concurrent.

Courses Currently or Historically Offered through UALR’s Concurrent Enrollment Program

BIOL- Evol and Envir Biology
BIOL- Science of Biology
BIOL- Intro to Human A&P I
BIOL- Intro to Human A&P II
BIOL – Microbiology
BIOL- Botany
BIOL- Zoology
CHEM – Fundamentals of Chem
CHEM – General Chemistry I
CHEM- Chemistry and Society
CPSC- Programming I
CPSC- Programming II
CPSC- Intro to Computer Science Lab
CPSC- Data Structures and Algorithms
ENGL – World Literature I
ENGL- World Literature Themes
ERSC- Physical Geology
FREN – Elementary French I
FREN – Elementary French II
GERM- Elementary German I
GERM- Elementary German II
GERM- German Conversation
GERM- Intermediate German I
HIST- History of Civilization I
HIST- History of Civilization II
HIST- US History to 1877
HIST- US History since 1877
HIST- Cultural Geography
HSCI- Personal Health
IFSC- Internet Technologies
IFSC- Intro to Ethics
MATH- College Algebra
MATH- Calculus I
MATH- Calculus II
MATH- Calculus III
MATH- Trigonometry
MATH- Intro to Statistical Methods
MATH- Business Calculus
MGMT- Intro to Business
MGMT- Fund of Info Technology
MUHL- Introduction to Music
MUHL- Music Fundamentals
PHYS- Elementary Physics I Lab
PHYS- Elementary Physics I
PHYS- Elementary Physics II
PHYS- Elementary Physics II Lab
PHYS- Physics and Society
RHET- Composition I
RHET- Composition II
SPAN- Elementary Spanish I
SPAN- Elementary Spanish II
SPAN- Intermediate Spanish
SPAN- Conversational Spanish
SPAN- Intermediate Convers. Spanish
SYEN- Intro to Systems Engineering

This is merely a snapshot of courses offered at a variety of partner institutions either presently or within the past two years. As with any Concurrent Enrollment offering, courses must have a qualified and  UALR approved instructor. If you think your institution has teachers to fill any of these courses and would like to expand your CE course list, please send the information and the desired courses to MaryElizabeth Moore at

If your institution wishes to offer a course that is not on this list, has a qualified teacher, and if that course is offered as a freshman or sophomore level course at UALR, there is no harm in asking that it be added to your course list. Please contact UALR’s Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator with your wishes.