Need Assistance?

Do you need to know how to pay for your courses, view your grades, or view your transcripts? Your BOSS account is a one stop shop for access to your account.

UALR Login Information for Concurrent Students

1. Go to your  BOSS account

2. Click on Secure Login

3. Put in your T# – include the T – For Example: T12345678

4. The Pin number should be two zeroes plus the student’s last 4 digits of his or her
social security number – For Example: 001234

5. If that does not work, put in the T#, leave PIN blank, and click FORGOT PIN?

6. You will be directed to a screen that will ask you for Date-of-Birth, Last 4 digits
of the student’s social security number, and the answer to a security question that                                            the parent or student set up when they registered.

7. The next screen will ask you to reset the 6-digit pin number.

8. Log back in and select  Student Services>Student Accounts.

9. You can pay your account by the checking account routing and account number or a credit card:

(Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).

Other Suggestions:

Go back to the main website, login again, and click on Personal Information.

Go to Change Passwords or View Usernames and IDs. You can set your password for all of your UALR accounts here.

It might be helpful to set all UALR account passwords the same.

Remember your net ID, because you can log into all accounts at once at (located at the top right of the homepage).