Name and Title Teaching / Research Area Contact Information
Thomas A. Colby
Visiting Assistant Professor
Structure, Tectonics, Engineering Geology tacolby@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
FH 308
Jeffrey B. Connelly
Professor and Interim Associate Dean
Structure, Tectonics, Engineering Geology jbconnelly@ualr.edu
(501) 683-7117
EIT 626
Michael T. DeAngelis
Assistant Professor
Mineralogy, Petrology,
Experimental Geochemistry
(501) 569-3542
FH 311
Margaret E. (Beth) McMillan
Professor and Chair
Geomorphology, Sedimentology, GIS memcmillan@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
FH 307
Laura S. Ruhl
Assistant Professor
Environmental Geochemistry, Hydrogeology lsruhl@ualr.edu
(501) 683-4197
FH 309
René A. Shroat-Lewis
Assistant Professor
Paleontology, Geoscience Education rashroatlew@ualr.edu
(501) 683-7743
FH 313
Joshua C. Spinler
Geophysics, Geodesy jxspinler@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3544
FH 310


Name Teaching Area Contact Information
Peter Beland Physical Geology (online) pebeland@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
Kirk Rodgers GIS kdrodgers@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
Chris Weaver Physical Geology, Historical Geology clweaver@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
Wendi J. W. Williams Physical Geology (online) wjwilliams@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546


Name Position Contact Information
Virginia (Ginny) Oswalt Administrative Specialist III vlmartin@ualr.edu
(501) 569-3546
FH 307

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Name and Title Teaching / Research Area Contact Information
Philip L. Kehler
Professor Emeritus
Michael T. Ledbetter
Professor Emeritus
Oceanography, Climate mtledbetter@ualr.edu
William Jennings Bryan (Jay) Sims III
Instructor (Retired)
Historical Geology (online) wjsims@ualr.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Name and Title Area of Expertise Contact Information
John Czarnecki Hydrology jxczarnecki@ualr.edu
W. Reed Green Hydrology wrgreen@usgs.gov
Peng Li Fossil Fuel Geology peng.li@arkansas.gov