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Earth Sciences

BS Geology & Environmental Geology Minor

Major courses (39 hours)

ERSC 1302 Physical Geology and ERSC 1102 Physical Geology Laboratory
ERSC 1303 Historical Geology and ERSC 1103 Historical Geology Laboratory
ERSC 3310 Mineralogy
ERSC 3320 Field Geology I
ERSC 3360 Paleobiology
ERSC 4411 Petrology
ERSC 3450 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
ERSC 3430 Structural Geology
ERSC 4190 Senior Seminar
ERSC 4320 Field Geology II
ERSC 4322 Environmental Geology
ERSC 4421 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

12 hours from the following
ERSC 4373 Hydrogeology
ERSC 4419 Geomorphology
ERSC 4422 Applied GIS
ERSC 4371 Engineering Geology
ERSC 3380 Oceanography
ERSC 3390 Weather Studies
ERSC 4195, 4295, 4395 Internship in Earth Science
ERSC 4199, 4299, 4399, 4499 Special Topics (must be approved)

Supporting courses (23 hours)

CHEM 1402 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1403 General Chemistry II

PHYS 1321 Elementary Physics I and PHYS 1121 Elementary Physics I Lab with PHYS 1322 Elementary Physics II and PHYS 1122 Elementary Physics II Lab or PHYS 2321 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I and PHYS 2121 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I Lab with PHYS 2322 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II and PHYS 2122 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II Lab

MATH 1451 Calculus I
or STAT 2350 Introduction to Statistical Methods

Updated 2.10.2009