Orientation meeting for HIED Spring, 2012 Doctoral Qualifying Examinations

The Orientation meeting for the HIED Spring, 2012 Doctoral Qualifying Examinations will be held on Friday, December 7 from 3-5pm in Dickinson Hall, Room 408.

If you’re planning to sit for Qualifying Exams in the Spring (scheduled for Saturday, February 11 from 1-5pm, Friday, February 17 from 1-5pm, and Saturday, February 18 during 9am-12noon and 1-4pm, location TBA), or if you’d like to gain insights into the process for a future exam administration, I strongly recommend that you attend this meeting. It will address the scope, nature, and direction of the Written and Oral Qualifying Exams, and general expectations for student performance.

In order to sit for Quals in the Spring, you will need to submit both the ‘Application for Qualifying Examination’ form and ”Appointment of Supervisory or Examining Committee’ form for review and approval. I have attached these forms in PDF for your reference. The ‘Application for Doctoral Qualifying Examination’ form should be printed and completed, while the ‘Appointment of Supervisory or Examining Committee’ form contains interactive text boxes that should be completed prior to printing. The spaces on the ‘Appointment’ form to list the dissertation chair and committee members are interactive text boxes for names to be typed in, rather than for hard copy signatures to be obtained. Completed forms are due by 5pm, Friday, December 7. If you plan to attend the organizational meeting, it is most convenient for you to submit the forms at the meeting. After the meeting, information letters will be mailed to all students who have been approved to sit for Quals in February.

If you intend to enroll in HIED 8399: Dissertation Seminar in the Spring, please note that your chair’s approval of a dissertation prospectus is a condition of obtaining permission to enroll in the course.  PLEASE NOTE: while Friday, December 7 is the deadline for your chair’s *approval* of a dissertation prospectus (not *submission* of a dissertation prospectus), you should submit a first draft prospectus to your chair as soon as possible, and no later than *November 16*.  As a result, please plan your dissertation scholarship accordingly if you intend to enroll in HIED 8399: Dissertation Seminar in the Spring. I’ve appended the text of the Dissertation Proposal Prospectus handout that should be used as a guide for writing, and I strongly recommend talking with your chair now to shape the development of the prospectus.

If you have questions about the Quals process, please attend the organizational meeting. If you would like to receive a copy of the 2012-2013 Student Guide to Qualifying Exams, please e-mail me individually at jvputten@ualr.edu.

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