Reserve spot for Spring, 2013 HIED Masters Comprehensive Exams option

As you know, three ‘capstone’ options exist during your last semester of coursework for completing the MA in Higher Education: the Portfolio, the Comprehensive Exams, and the Masters Thesis.

The Orientation meeting for the Spring, 2013 Masters Comprehensive Exams option will be held on Friday, December 7 from 1:30-2:30pm in Dickinson Hall, Room 408.  If you’re thinking about completing the Masters Comprehensive Exams capstone option in the Spring, or if you’d like to gain insights into the process for a future exam administration, please reply to me individually  at by Friday, November 30th to attend this meeting.  It will address the scope, nature, and format of the take-home Written and face-to-face Oral Comprehensive Exams, and general expectations for student performance.

In order to take the Masters Comprehensive Exams in the Spring (dates TBA), you will need to complete and submit both the ‘Application for Comprehensive Examination’ form and ”Appointment of Supervisory or Examining Committee’ form for review and approval.  I have attached these forms in PDF for your reference.  The ‘Application for Comprehensive Examination’ form should be printed and completed, while the ‘Appointment of Supervisory or Examining Committee’ form contains interactive text boxes to type in information (rather than for hard copy signatures to be obtained) prior to printing and completion.  In the spaces on the ‘Appointment’ form, list the Chair (i.e., your advisor) and one other committee member from the HIED faculty who has agreed to serve.

Completed forms are due by 1:30pm, Friday, December 7.  If you plan to attend the orientation meeting, it is most convenient for you to submit the forms at the meeting.  After the meeting, information letters will be mailed to all students who have applied to sit for Comprehensive Exams in the Spring.  If you have questions about the Comprehensive Exams process, please attend the orientation meeting.  Again, reply to me individually at by Friday, November 30th to confirm your attendance.

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