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Educational Leadership

Curriculum/Program Administrator Licensure

The Curriculum/Program Administrator Licensure is defined by the Arkansas Department of Education as an individual that is responsible for: (1) program development and administration, and/or (2) employ- ment evaluation decisions. The Curriculum/Program Administrator Licensure endorsed by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock may be accomplished with a program of study in Educational Administration and Supervision. The license is granted to administer only the specialist area in Special Education, Gifted and Talented Education, Career & Technical Education, Content Area Specialist, or Curriculum Specialist.

Admission Requirements
The candidate to the Curriculum Specialist Licensure program must have
• a master’s degree in a related field from a regionally accredited institution
• a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) overall
• official transcripts of all University work
• a valid teaching license
• an autobiographical data form
• three letters of reference attesting to leadership qualities
• evidence of four years teaching in the content area
Co-requisite: Exceptional Child Course: SPED 7301 Foundations of Special Education, OR an equivalent

Program of Study
The program of study includes the following courses that constitute the standards associated with that body of knowledge and the application of appropriate skills and dispositions to be a successful school administrator.
Licensure Required Coursework (18 hours)
____EDAS 7301 Administration & Assessment of Curricular Programs
____EDAS 7303 Education Law & Ethics
____EDAS 7304 Supervision of Learning Services
____EDAS 7310 Facilitating School Improvement
____EDAS 8305 School Personnel Administration
____EDAS 8308 Central Office and Special Programs Administration
____EDAS 8313 School and Community Relations

District Level Internship (6 hours)
____EDAS 8380 Administrative Internship in the Central Office
____EDAS 8380 Administrative Internship in the Central Office

Arkansas Curriculum Specialist Licensure

The School Leader Licensure Assessment (SLLA) must be taken by all candidates seeking licensure for school district director or supervisor. The exam must be taken during the last semester of the program of study and must attain a score of at least 158 to apply for the Curriculum/Program Administrator license. A candidate not meeting this score has up to three years from the date of program completion to obtain the required score. The candidate must have completed four years of teaching to qualify for initial license.

Updated 5.26.2011