Teaching Advanced Placement (TAVP)

Offered through the Arkansas AP Professional Development Center and Center for Gifted Education at UALR, the Teaching Advanced Placement (TAVP) professional development certificate is designed for educators who want to develop their knowledge and skills of the Advanced Placement Program and their content specific teaching skills in the AP and Pre-AP classroom. The TAVP program is a 4 course, 12 graduate credit hour graduate certificate primarily offered through web-enhanced instruction. The UALR professional development certificate program in Teaching Advanced Placement (TAVP) is one of fewer than 5 such programs nationwide.

What is the TAVP Certificate Program?
It is a 4 course, 12 graduate credit hour professional development certificate. It is not a teaching license, but rather a sustained professional development program that assists you in honing your skills in the rigorous and challenging environment of Advanced Placement.

How is the program offered?
The UALR TAVP Professional Development Program is offered through web-enhanced courses that you can complete from home and at the UALR AP Summer Institutes. In other words, the program is designed for busy teachers who are currently teaching or preparing to teach in Pre-AP and AP classrooms in their schools.

What are the benefits of the TAVP Professional Development Certificate Program?
Arkansas is committed to offering a minimum of 4 AP courses in every high school. The TAVP Professional Development Certificate Program puts you in touch with instructors and practicing AP professionals who have the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing your program and your content specific teaching expertise. Through instruction, mentoring, coaching and networking with you fellow Pre-AP and AP colleagues, the TAVP Certificate Program provides sustained support so that you have an enjoyable and successful teaching experience.

How do I apply?
Go to the UALR Graduate School web site and apply for admission to the Graduate School. Follow the links to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Advanced Placement program.

What if I have more questions?
Contact Dr. Ann Robinson, Director, Arkansas Advanced Placement Professional Development Center. We look forward to working with you.

Required Courses

GATE 7361
Advanced Placement for Talented Youth (Includes an overview of the Advanced Placement program, academic talent development, achievement gap at high levels of performance, and establishing and managing Vertical Teams). Course is available at the AP Summer Institute and during the academic year via web-enhanced instruction.

GATE 7395
Internship (On-site internship in the home school focused on a study of district demographics, needs, analysis, equity and access issues, recruitment, staff development, and content strengths and weaknesses). Course available via web-enhanced instruction, with at least one face-to-face meeting on the UALR campus.

GATE 7393
Content Specific Pedagogy in Pre-AP/AP (Instruction curriculum project or scopes/sequence plan for Pre-AP/AP teaching assignment). Course available at AP Summer Institute.

GATE 7390
Supervised Practicum (Supervised teaching experience in an approved Pre-APAP classroom at the home school). Use of technology for supervision required.