Dr. Newton Suter

Dr. Suter


Educational Foundations
Office: DKSN 403
Office Phone: 501.569.3269
Email: wnsuter@ualr.edu 

Professor W. Newton Suter joined the faculty in 1988 after teaching research and statistics in psychology at San Francisco State University and working as a project statistician for the granted-funded Department of Nursing Research at Stanford University Medical Center. He became interested in textbook writing during graduate study at Stanford University, co-authoring a textbook with H. C. Lindgren in 1985 (Lindgren and Suter’s Educational Psychology in the Classroom, 7th Edition published by Brooks/Cole). In 1988 Allyn and Bacon published Suter and Lindgren’s Experimentation in Psychology: A Guided Tour, and in 1998 Allyn & Bacon published Suter’s Primer of Educational Research.

An OCDA (sabbatical) during the academic year 2003-2004 enabled the completion of Suter’s Introduction to Educational Research: A Critical Thinking Approach (2006, Sage Publications). An OCDA in 2010 enabled the second edition of Introduction to Educational Research: A Critical Thinking Approach (2012, Sage Publications) linked to a Web-based Student Study Site (http://www.sagepub.com/suter2e/study/intro.htm).

Dr. Suter recognized the instructional value of the Web early, and with the help of UALR students with imaginative spirits and strong technology skills, he began offering 100% online courses in 1997, ones aligned with a constructivist philosophy and a distance-oriented cognitive apprenticeship based on activity and discovery. Currently, he teaches online graduate courses in research, statistics, and measurement.

Dr. Suter has also publishes journal articles in the area of measurement, statistics, learning, and health literacy. Recent publications include:

Suter, W. N., & Suter, P. M. (2015, in press). Wanted: Measurement in home health Needed: Focus on medication risk. Home Health Care Management & Practice.

Suter, W. N., & Suter, P. M. (2014). What works? How does one know? Show me the data: A call for science-based home health evidence. Home Health Care Management & Practice, 26(3), 119-121.

Suter, P., Gorski, L. A., Hennessey, B., & Suter, W. N. (2012). Best practices for heart failure: A focused review. Home Healthcare Nurse, 30(7), 394-405.

Suter, P., Hennessey, B., Florez, D., & Suter, W. N. (2011). The home-based chronic care model: Redesigning home health for high quality care delivery. Chronic Respiratory Disease, 8(1), 43-52.

Suter, P., Suter, W. N., & Johnston, D. (2011). Theory-based telehealth and patient empowerment. Population Health Management, 14(2), 87-92.

Writing/Research Interests:

  • Critical thinking in educational research and statistics
  • Experimentation in psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Health literacy and disease management


  • Ph.D. (Educational Psychology) Stanford University
  • MA (Research Psychology) San Francisco State University
  • BA (Psychology) University of California, Riverside