Special Education

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The Special Education Teacher Licensure Program envisions a world in which all individuals with disabilities are provided quality-of-life opportunities and experiences in natural environments, including the general education environment.


The mission of the Special Education Program is to promote and strengthen the professional development of individuals involved in the education of children and youth with disabilities in a variety of settings, including schools, early childhood settings, and community settings through the development of professionals who will use state of the art methodologies and technologies. The program mission aligns with the Specialized Professional Association, Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), College of Education and Health Professions, and Arkansas Department of Education standards and performance expectations.

  • Graduates will demonstrate a commitment to the education of people with varying degrees of disabilities across the developmental span. Graduates will possess knowledge and skills in teaching and learning, assessment and identification and instructional planning, including attention to different racial and cultural backgrounds. It is the belief of the faculty that this commitment is achievable through the provision of supported educational opportunities in school, and community settings. Graduates will also demonstrate skills in the use of technology, working with families, collaboration, and evaluation.
  • Graduates will continue to systematically advance their professional knowledge and skills in response to the changing needs of individuals with disabilities and the programs designed to serve them. Toward that end, the program seeks to foster skills and dispositions associated with reflection and continuous professional renewal.
  • Graduates are expected to develop and maintain effective communication and technology skills including the use of these skills in communicating in accessible ways to individuals who require assistive technology.
  • Graduates are expected to maintain sensitivity and awareness of cultural and ethnic differences among professionals, families, and individuals with disabilities.

The Special Education program is committed to diversity by the nature of the population targeted for service. Extending that commitment is accomplished in multiple fashions throughout the program.

1. Student recruitment activities include identification of diverse cultural and ethnic populations, including persons with disabilities.

2. Core courses reflect attention to serving diverse populations, giving specific attention to culturally diverse families and professionals.

3. Program faculty is committed to collaborating with colleagues regarding diversity issues as they relate to students with disabilities in the general education setting.

4. The program has a communication component that seeks to infuse communication with culturally and ethnically diverse populations.

Degrees Offered:

Program Advisor:
Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Jennifer B. Hune
DKSN 311
Ph. 501.569-8710

Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Bruce Smith
DKSN 301
Phone: 501.569.8940
Email: bdsmith@ualr.edu