EIT Students Make Strong Showing in Research Expo

A large number of EIT students displayed their research and competed for recognition in the 2012 Student Research and Creative Works Expo held Monday, April 16, at the Donaghey Student Center.

The expo was divided into undergraduate and graduate events.

Winners in the undergraduate section of the Engineering and Technology competition were (with project title and mentor):

First place

Brent Keesee (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Balachandran Kalidass (Systems Engineering), Sudeesh Kakarla (Systems Engineering)

Images and Sounds Due to Failures in Metal Foams

Mentor: S. Midturi (Mechanical Engineering Technology)

Second place

Wes Copeland (Computer Science)

A Managed Security Environment for Enterprise iPhones

Mentor: Chia-Chu Chiang (Computer Science)

Third place

Carlton McMullen, Jimmy Shyaka, Bret Satterfield, Jean Leonel Nano, Jean Felix Ganishuri (Systems Engineering)

River High Pressure Energy Conversion Machine

Mentors: Ibrahim Nisanci and Jinxiang Xi (Systems Engineering)

Honorable mention

Keenan Gillispie and Grant Beasley (Computer Science)

Community-Driven Gaming

Mentor: Keith Bush (Computer Science)

Honorable mention

William J. Grant (Systems Engineering/Math)

Aerodynamic and Heat Transfer Properties of Nano-Thin Films

Mentor: Tansel Karabacak (Applied Science)

Winners in the graduate section of the Engineering and Technology competition were (with project title and mentor):

First place

Rui Zhu (Engineering Science and Systems)

Numerical Effective Formulation for Guided Wave Propagation in a Metamaterial Plate with Anisotropic Mass Density

Mentor: Guoliang Huang (Systems Engineering)

Second place

Ghulam Rasool (Systems Engineering)

Muscle Activity Onset Detection in Sit-to-Stand Movement Using Double Threshold Method

Mentor: Kamran Iqbal (Systems Engineering)

Third place

Haider Khaleel (Systems Engineering)

Novel Antennas for Flexible and Wearable Wireless Systems

Mentor: Hussain Al-Rizzo (Systems Engineering)

Honorable mention

Maytham Hammood (Wireless Sensor Network Security)

Efficient Data Replication Mechanism to Maximize Data Survivability in Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks

Mentors: Kenji Yoshigoe (Computer Science)

Honorable mention

Yinle Zhou (Information Quality)

Strategies for Record Deduplication and Managing Master Data

Mentor: John Talburt (Information Quality)

Other EIT participants in the undergraduate research fair:

Michael McKee and Caitlan Buchanan (Systems Engineering)

Experimental and Numerical Study of the Harvesting Efficiency of a Scaled Wind Turbine

Mentor: Jinxiang Xi (Systems Engineering)


Festus Hategekimana (Systems Engineering)

Determination of Postural Stability Through Computer Simulations of a Biomechanical Model

Mentor: Kamran Iqbal (Systems Engineering)


James Houston II (Mechanical Engineering Technology)

Heat Transfer Efficiency Solutions

Mentor: Keith Hudson (Graduate Institute of Technology)


Harry Hull (Computer Science)

Exploiting a Stable Equilibrium to Simulate and Control High-definition Video of a Human Face

Mentor: Keith Bush (Computer Science)


Gary Iwatsuru (Systems Engineering)

Improving Collecting Efficiency and Reducing Wear of Cyclone Separator by Adding Vertical Fins

Mentor: Jinxiang Xi (Systems Engineering)


Patrick Kamongi (Computer Science)

Secure File Sharing Using Dropbox Cloud Service

Mentor: Shucheng Yu (Computer Science)


Geoffrey Lueken (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology)

Harnessing Wind to Power a Robot

Mentor: Hirak Patangia (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology)


Thomas Mears (Computer Science/Math)

Simplification of Galaxy Sorting

Mentor: Mariofanna Milanova (Computer Science)


Chris Nithin and Adonis Petrus (Computer Science)

Automatic Facial Emotion Recognition

Mentor: Mariofanna Milanova (Computer Science)


Bruce Stracener (Systems Engineering)

Design and Implementation of a Cellular Digital Transmission System

Mentor: Nidhal Bouaynaya (Systems Engineering)


James Taylor (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology)

Heating Effects on Solar Power Production

Mentor: Hirak Patangia (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology)


Innocent Twesigye (Systems Engineering)

Electrical Signal Filter Design

Mentor: Gary Anderson (Systems Engineering)


Janvier Umuhoza (Systems Engineering)

The Way to Integrate Solar Power into Rwanda

Mentor: Jing Zhang (Systems Engineering)


Other EIT participants in the graduate research fair:

Lava Al-Doski and Ayman Abbosh (Systems Engineering)

Optimizing Resource Utilization in IMS Systems

Mentors: Seshadri Mohan and Radu Babiceanu (Systems Engineering)


Montadar Al-Muhana (Applied Science)

A Reduced-Dimensional Structure for Fast, Visually-Assisted Search

Mentor: Keith Bush (Computer Science)


Yahiea Al-Naiemy (Electrical Engineering), Taha Elwi (Systems Engineering), Haider Khaleel (Systems Engineering)

A Systematic Approach for the Design, Fabrication and Testing of Microstrip Antennas Using Ink-Jet Printing Technology

Mentor: Hussain Al Rizzo (Systems Engineering)


Ali Al-Uraiby (Applied Science)

FPGA Implementation of Low-profile Wake-up Radio (WRU) Receiver for Wireless Sensor Networks

Mentor: Kenji Yoshigoe (Computer Science)


Raied Caromi (Systems Engineering)

Optimal Sequential Channel Estimation for Multi-channel Cognitive Radio

Mentor: Lifeng Lai (Systems Engineering)


Nathan Crabtree (Bioinformatics)

Converting PDFs into Text for Mining

Mentor: Steve Jennings (Bioinformatics)


M. Taha Demirkan (Applied Science)

Density Modulated Multilayer Silicon Films for Lithium-ion Batteries

Mentor: Tansel Karabacak (Applied Science)


Jun Geng (Systems Engineering)

Smart Grid System State Measurement Estimation Over Wireless Channels

Mentor: Lifeng Lai (Systems Engineering)


Sri Nikhil Gupta Gourisetti (Systems Engineering)

Real Time Harmonic Elimination Using a Modified Carrier

Mentor: Hirak Patangia (Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology)


Marilou Haines (Information Quality)

The Information Value Methodology: State of the Art Research

Mentors: John Talburt (Information Quality), Elizabeth Pierce (Information Quality)


Sravanthi Joginipelli (Bioinformatics)

A Computational Approach for Neural Networks to Predict Potential Drug Candidates

Mentors: Jerry Darsey (Chemistry), Steve Jennings (Bioinformatics)


Brian Keltch (Integrated Computing/Computer Science)

Framework Design for Maintainable Software

Mentor: Coskun Bayrak (Computer Science)


Fumiko Kobayashi (Integrated Computing)

Design Consideration for Identity Resolution in Batch

Mentor: John Talburt (Information Science)


VenkataSwamy Martha (Computer Science), Halil Bisgin (Computer Science), Stephen Wallace (Information Quality)

Network Mining for Entity Ranking

Mentors:  Xiaowei Xu  and Nitin Agarwal (Information Science)


Engin Mendi (Computer Science)

Text-to-Audiovisual Speech Synthesizer for Children with Learning Disabilities

Mentor(s): Coskun Bayrak (Computer Science)


Alika Nichols and Amit Saha (Integrating Computing)

Security for Protecting Informatics Networks Using TeraGrid Applications

Mentor: Steve Jennings (Bioinformatics)


Erich Peterson (Integrated Computing, Computer Science)

Fast Approximation of Probabilistic Frequent Closed Itemsets

Mentor: Peiyi Tang (Computer Science)


Vigel Russalian (Engineering Science and Systems)

Evolution of Phase Transformation and Reorientation During Stress Arrest in SMA

Mentor: Abhijit Bhattacharyya (Systems Engineering)


Doug Serfass (Computer Science)

Comparing Parallel Performance of Go and C++ TBB on a Direct Acyclic Task Graph Using a Dynamic Programming Problem

Mentor: Peiyi Tang (Computer Science)


Lu Shi and Jiawei Yuan (Integrated Computing)

BANA: Body Area Network Authentication Exploiting Channel Characteristics

Mentors: Shucheng Yu and Ming Li (Computer Science)


Huzaifa Syed (MSIQ, Daniel Pullen (Information Science), Fan Liu (Integrated Computing-IQ Track)

Developing and Refining Matching Rules for Entity Resolution

Mentor: John Talburt (Information Quality)


Yue Zhao (Computer Science)

Hiding I/O Latency with Improved Pre-Execution Prefetching for Parallel Applications

Mentor: Kenji Yoshigoe (Computer Science)


Yue Zhao (Computer Science)

An Improved Mobile Path Prediction Method Based on Data Mining

Mentor: Kenji Yoshigoe (Computer Science)

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