Ray Launches Center for Construction Subcontractor Excellence

Christopher S. Ray, Associate Professor of Construction Management, has recently procured private funding to launch the Center for Construction Subcontractor Excellence. The Center’s mission is to help construction subcontractors become better business people by providing training, education and individual consultation in contracting business skills.

“In today’s environment, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to start their own contracting businesses,” Ray says. “Our mission is to assist these motivated individuals in growing great businesses.”

Ray will head up this new venture as its Executive Director while the program is under development.

“We plan to include qualified university faculty and staff in our consulting activities,” Ray says. “Many professors and staff have significant industry skill, knowledge and talent that can be tapped and used to facilitate our target audience.”

In addition to assisting new ventures, the Center will be offering various seminars and training classes to professional contracting organizations and companies looking to improve their staff’s performance.

Seminars being offered include:

• Contract fundamentals
• General conditions of the contract for construction
• Documentation fundamentals
• Proposal development
• Killer clauses in contracts

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