James H. Cone, Inc. – Intern

James H. Cone, Inc. (www.jamesconeconstruction.com) is construction company located in Little Rock that has been delivering successful projects for customers for over 50 years. We are looking for 2 construction management students who can be immediately available for internships.

Purpose: Our Interns will work with our Project Managers to support the Project Managers’ efforts in the various construction activities.

  1. Maintains a controlled set of project drawings and specifications.
  2. Interprets drawings and verifies supplied material for compliance.
  3. Researches and recommends resolutions to drawing interpretation problems, conflicts, field interferences and errors.
  4. Communicates and cooperates with customer representatives and management on topics such as completed work, work in progress and problem solution.
  5. Prepares and disseminates required documentation records, such as status reports, punch lists for uncompleted work, sketches of completed work and material requirement calculations to the Project Manager.
  6. Supports Project Manager in developing and/or updating schedules, cost control programs and billing documents.
  7. Assists in coordinating system completion and customer required handover documentation.
  8. Helps in preparation of cost estimates for bidding process.
  9. Other duties as assigned

Required knowledge

  1. Working knowledge of overall construction standards.
  2. Understanding of commercial construction processes.

Required skills or abilities

  1. Good computer literacy – Word and Excel. A power user of Excel is an added benefit.
  2. Good communication (verbal and written) skills.
  3. Good problem solving skills with strong math expertise.

Formal education: Must be currently enrolled in a construction management program at a 4-year college or university.

Experience: Negotiable

Hours: Must be able to work 12-20 hours per week

Compensation: This is a paid internship; however, it is not eligible for benefits.

Travel: Limited

These are immediate openings. Do not apply if you cannot start right away.
Interested applicants should send their resume to Joe Gay, joe@msshr.com or call (314) 409-6883.

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