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1.1          The Senior Systems Engineer is a senior leadership position for individuals with strong overall networking skills that are looking to expand their knowledge base to include multiple applications and the management of wide-area networks.  A SSE is expected to take complete ownership of small projects.  An SSE is expected to assist with medium and large projects under the direction of a Consutlng System Engineer and/or Technical Director.


3.0          REQUIREMENTS

3.1          Educational requirements

3.1.1     Required: High School or equivalent

3.1.2     Preferred: Associates degree or higher in Information Technology or a business degree.

3.2          Certification

3.2.1     Required: MCITP, ASE, CCNA

3.2.2     Preferred: CCNP/DP/SP or CISSP or DBA or VCP

3.3          Experience:

3.3.1     Required: No less than 5 years experience in supporting computers and network technologies. Understand advanced feature/benefits of proposed technology solutions and can design and troubleshoot the majority of network problems. Personal/Business skill set includes communications, problem solving, and organizational abilities. Exceptions to these requirements may exist.

3.3.2     Preferred: No less that 7-8 years as described above. Project management experience and demonstrated capabilities. Documentation and written communication skills.

3.4          The physical requirements are sitting and walking as required within the office and shop areas. This position requires, besides walking, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists and fingers. Must be able to lift 70 lbs and able to un-box and install equipment.

3.5          Must possess a valid driver’s license and have reliable transportation with liability insurance. Travel will be required to customer locations, locally and in other states.

3.6          Must comply with company dress code standards.

3.7          The senses of sight, speech (English) and hearing are required.

3.8          Mental Requirements:

3.8.1     Mathematical abilities at the level required to understand or sometimes perform scheduling, as well as basic accounting functions are essential to this position.

3.8.2     Fluency in the English language (read, write and speak) is required as the overwhelming majority of clients, vendors, suppliers and subordinates communicate only in this language.

3.8.3     The ability to perceive spatial relationships is a minor requirement.

3.8.4     Reasoning ability is required to resolve logistic (i.e. scheduling) or process control problems.

3.8.5     The incumbent must be able to make effective presentations on topics falling within the purview of the function to Company executives or employees, clients or vendors.


Contact Elizabeth Dauer to apply.

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