High School Research Program Application

High School Research Program Application - 2016

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  • Career Interests

  • Test Score Data

  • Project Preference

    By checking this box, I give my permission for the summer programs conducted by UALR’s Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) team to obtain information about my academic performance from high schools, colleges, and testing agencies. I give permission for the EIT faculty/staff to give my name and address to college and employer representatives, and to use my photograph in summer program press releases. Also, I understand that completing this program will NOT earn me any kind of academic credit here at UALR or at the school I now attend. This summer program only serves as an enriching research experience for high school students in this college. I will, also, obey all the rules for academic integrity at UALR. In case I choose to be a resident, I agree to follow all the rules and regulations of UALR’s university housing.