EIT Career Week 2014

Resume Tips

Here are some general rules to follow when building your resume:

  • Include up-to-date details about your college education:
    • School name
    • Major(s) and minor(s)
    • GPA
    • Expected graduation date
  • Include up-to-date work experience.
    • Position
    • Company
    • Dates you were employed in the position
    • A brief, perhaps bulleted description
  • Include current student organizations and volunteer information.
  • Include relevant awards and achievements. Any scholarships can go here.
  • Go easy on personal info. Name, email, address, and phone number are generally enough.
  • Most current standards don’t include references. Unless you need to fill space, don’t include them. And definitely don’t include the line “References upon request.”
  • You can include key skills or coursework, but be brief and use keywords. Make sure the information you include is relevant; it’s probably not best to list Composition I with your coursework in your resume.
  • If you’re not a freshman, you shouldn’t include information from high school. Unless it pertains to work experience, it has no place on a college resume. If you have ample work experience in industry, it’s okay to drop that high school part-time job from your resume.
  • Format with an easy-to-read font, no smaller than 10-point (though bigger is preferred). Titles and headings should be larger – enough to catch the eye, but not big enough to swallow the document.
  • Use little to no color. All main body type should be black.
  • Organize the information in a relevant order. Education and work experience should appear at the top. Items within sections, like work experience, education (if you have attended more than one), or achievements, should be organized with the most recent appearing at the top and descending to the oldest.
  • No more than 2 pages, though 1 page is strongly preferred.
  • Print on resume paper. They sell it at most office supply stores. Use a weight that is heavy, but not as heavy as cardstock. White or light beige color is preferred.
  • Bring at least 10 copies in a portfolio or nice folder to the career fair.