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What is UALR’s Emerging Analytics Center?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a 3D picture made up of 50 million, high definition individual pixels!

Visiting UALR’s Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) is like stepping into the future of data visualization. The EAC features a giant reconfigurable 3D and 2D immersive data visualization system, a portable high definition mobile system, a robot interface for video telepresence, a haptic device to “touch the data,” full-body motion capture suit, a professional data science/technical staff and much more!

The photos give you a glimpse of UALR’s “first of its kind in the world” advanced data visualization systems. For full technical details visit our tech vendor partner’s site.

You may also be interested in how we cost-efficiently work with external clients and campus-based researchers.

Another key component of the EAC is our Data Science Advisory Board, comprised of regional and national leaders from academia, industry and government. Working together, we are all focused on a broad mission of innovative economic development for the future of Arkansas and our nation.