Advising for Spring 2018 semester will begin on October 2nd. You can make an appointment to be advised in one of three ways:

  • Call the English Department at (501) 569-3161 to set up an appointment.
  • Set up an advising appointment online (via the online appointment calendars linked below).
  • Directly contact the adviser you have worked with in the past either by phone or email.

All students in the Cooper Honors program must be advised by Dr. McAbee and all students in the Secondary Education track must be advised by Dr. Crutcher.

To make an advising appointment online, click on one of the advising calendar links below [this works best from a computer terminal or laptop, not a phone]. Please schedule your appointment at LEAST 24 hours in advance and put your T# and phone number in the “Description” box. 

  • Advising Slots Laura Barrio-Vilar (general advising)
  • Advising Slots, Angela Hunter, Chair (general English advising and MAIS advising).
  • Advising Slots, Jeremy Ecke (general advising and Linguistics minors), or email to
  • Advising Slots, Paul Crutcher (Secondary Education students only).
  • Advising Slots, Kris McAbee (general advising, Cooper Honors students).
  • Heather Hummel (Creative Writing students): email to
  • Jeffrey  Condran (Creative Writing students): email to
  • Brad Minnick (general advising): contact him directly to set up an appointment. 
  • Jim Levernier (general advising): call the English Department (569-3161) to set up an appointment or contact him directly.

You may also be advised online with the chairperson if you meet certain criteria. To be advised online, you must:

  • have completed over 30 hours
  • be a declared English major
  • already know which courses you plan to take
  • not be a Cooper Honors student (they must be advised by Dr. McAbee)
  • not be new to the university
  • not have significant transfer issues

If you meet these criteria and would like to be advised online, please complete this form.

You can retrieve a copy of the Undergraduate Catalog (with all major, minor, core, university, and other requirements) via UALR Undergraduate Catalog. Make sure you consult the catalog year that governs your degree requirements as these do change. Check with your advisor if you have questions about the catalog or the specific requirements.