Equinox Staff

Heather Hummel is the Publisher and Faculty Advisor of Equinox

Managing Editor


breana_steele_2013.jpgBreana Steele is (finally) a senior at UALR majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. She plans on pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing after graduating in May. She is a self-described cat lady and Harry Potter junkie, and she tends to be a little compulsive. She grew up in Los Angeles County, and she graduated high school in Bald Knob, Arkansas, so she has definitely seen both sides of the spectrum. She is a Cooper Honors Student, and she is ridiculously excited to be on the Equinox staff for the second year running.

Poetry Editors


londonEssence London self-identifies as a motherpoet. A mother first, then a poet. Writing has always been a part of her life: everything from journaling for herself to once starting a student literary magazine for Memphis students to submit to. She has many aspirations and many back-up plans, but what she wants most is to leave something for her son and his future children to be proud of.

lucas_rudd_2013.jpgLucas Rudd is a poet and fiction writer. He is a Senior at UALR seeking a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing, and is a Cooper Scholar. Last year he assumed the role of Fiction Editor, and this year Poetry Co-editor alongside Essence London. He is also a studious fan of all things Star Wars related.

Fiction Editors


logan_ellis_2013.jpgLogan Ellis can tell you which shirt you wore two days ago but forget that he left the stove on at home. He is frequently psychic in this way but is so much of a mystical, conservative psychic that he refuses interviews. He is currently working on a creative writing degree, during which he hopes to finally decide if he should write poetry or fiction or a Frankenstein concoction of both, or if he should just stop complaining and drink his coffee. In his writing, he regularly strives to bring attention to the overlooked and forgotten, finding the macabre in the oh-so-great abstraction of “beauty.” He also loves kittens, but not enough to marry them.

heather_haile_2013.jpgHeather Haile is a Donaghey Scholar and a Cooper Scholar majoring in Creative Writing and Spanish. She hopes to one day publish both fiction novels and poetry, and illustrate her own works. In her spare time, Heather enjoys reading, writing, sketching, and amassing a truly preposterous amount of facts about horror films, folklore, and prehistoric fish.

Art Editor


jennika_smith_2013.jpgJennika Smith is an artist, writer, and self-professed film geek with a penchant for zombies. She has spent the better part of the last 12 years learning how to stop worrying and love design. During that time, she studied mechanical engineering, learned photography, went to Disneyland, was on exhibition in New York, started a film camp, became a Pinterest addict, wrote a children’s book, and broke into publishing. She is currently working on her masters in professional and technical writing with an emphasis in digital publishing.

Editorial Staff


jeff_higgins_2013.jpgJeff Higgins, a San Diego native, is a creative writing major, a music minor, and a grouchy old man. In his free time, he likes to sit in a rocking chair by the fireplace and tell neighborhood children about the days when books didn’t have batteries and writers actually wrote things on paper using a device called a “pencil”. Jeff makes outlandish claims of having invented things like the semicolon, the Oxford comma, and paragraphs. He lives in North Little Rock with his wife, who is probably rolling her eyes at him as we speak.

reed_mcfarlin_2013.jpgReed McFarlin is a senior at UALR majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing, and minoring in Sociology. Reed has written everything from boy band murder mysteries to tales of Santa Claus fighting zombies.

rachel_moore_2013.jpgRachel Moore is a Creative Writing and Geology double major with a passion for outer space, fictional robots, and baking. She hopes to someday be a paleontologist and to find the motivation to write something worth publishing. Rachel also prides herself on her extensive postcard collection and her ability to quote along with Jurassic Park almost word-for-word.

waldronJoanna Waldron is a double major in English and Illustration. She is a Cooper Scholar, and will soon takeover the world with one-liners and an army of squid doodles.

Should you be interested in joining us either as an intern or volunteer, we’d love to have you.  Please email the Faculty Advisor, Heather Hummel (hkhummel@ualr.edu), for more information.