Laura Barrio-Vilar, PhD
African-American Literature, Ethnic Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies

Jeffrey Condran, MFA
Creative Writing (Fiction), Contemporary Literature, Editing & Independent Press Administration

Paul Crutcher, PhD
English Secondary Education, Empathy in culture, language and literacy (including TESOL), pop culture, children’s and YA literature, religious/secular ethics, and critical theory

Jeremy Scott Ecke, PhD
Literary Linguistics, The History and Structure of English, Poetics, and Medieval Literature

H. K. Hummel, MFA
Creative Writing (Poetry), Poetry Translation, Environmental Literature & Poetics, Editing & Publishing

Angela Hunter, PhD
Literary Theory; French literature; Feminist Philosophy; Comparative Literature;  Twentieth-century French thought; Interdisciplinary Studies

James Levernier, PhD
American Literature and American Studies

Kris McAbee, PhD
Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Digital Humanities

Brad Minnick, PhD
Problem-Based Learning, Process and Playbuilding Dramawork, Technology as a Mediated Tool to Improve the Teaching of English, and Pedagogy of Fiction and Poetry Writing

Frank Thurmond, MA
World Literature, Screenwriting, Introductory Literature

R. Paul Yoder, PhD
English Romanticism, William Blake, John Milton, Bob Dylan, Literary History, Narrative, Difficult Narratives