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Upcoming Cooper Events

Wednesday, September 5: Meet-and-Greet for Cooper and Sigma Tau Delta Students and English Faculty
2-4 pm, Donaghey Student Center, Meeting Room G

To kick off the fall semester, we’ll have a meet-and-greet. This is an opportunity for the first- and second-year Cooper students and the members of Sigma Tau Delta to get to know each other and to meet faculty members, especially our newest faculty, Dr. Jeremy Ecke and Dr. Nicole Seymour. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Three Sessions on Graduate School Applications

Friday, September 14: Preparing for the GRE
1-2 pm, Stabler 401

Stephanie Mantell, a Cooper and McNair student, will lead a fact-finding workshop about the General and English subject GRE tests.

Friday, September 21: Applying to Graduate School in Literature
1-2 pm, Stabler 401

Professors Jeremy Ecke, Kris McAbee, Trey Philpotts, and Nicole Seymour will give information to students interested in applying to graduate school in literature and will answer questions.

Friday, September 28: Applying to Graduate School in CW
2:30-3:30 pm, Stabler 401

Professors Nickole Brown and David Jauss will give information to students interested in applying to graduate school in creative writing and will answer questions.

Wednesday, September 26: Cooper Speaker Alice van Buren, Donaghey Student Center
6:30 pm, Meeting Room D

Alice van Buren will introduce and show her film INK: A Tale of Captivity. Free and open to the public. Reception follows film showing. INK tells the story of Mary Rowlandson, a preacher’s wife, captured in 1675/76 by a confederation of Nipmuck, Narragansett, and Wampanoag Indians in the great native revolt known as King Philip’s War. Upon her return to Puritan culture three months later, Rowlandson wrote an account of her ordeal for the Puritan leaders—including Increase and Cotton Mather—who figure prominently in the film. Titled The Sovereignty and Goodness of God and published in 1682, it became a Puritan bestseller and is taught in many early American literature and history courses today.

After some forty editions in print over three centuries, Rowlandson’s story has now been adapted to the screen for the first time. Written and produced by Alice van Buren, the film is based on her play of the same name, which premiered at the Penboscot Theater in Bangor, Maine in March 2012. The play was also read at a festival in London this summer, with the North American Actors Association. Starring Angela Janda as Mary Rowlandson, the film features leading Native American actors Wes Studi (Avatar, Last of the Mohicansas King Philip, Gary Farmer (Pow Wow Highway, Smoke Signals) as his assassin, and Alan Tafoya as James Printer. With a cast of fifty and a skeleton crew, INK was shot in New Mexico in 2010. Puritan sets were created at Santa Fe’s Sculpture Ranch. Exterior locations ranged from the Jicarilla Apache Reservation to the seventeenth-century iron works at Saugus, Massachusetts. Art Director Nat Hesse designed and built a functioning colonial printing press. Cathy Smith, who won an Emmy for her work in Dances with Wolves, guided the wardrobe. Re-enactors from Pecos to Maine lent weapons and wampum. Cinematographer Tom Sibley shot and edited the film, and Melyssa Garland composed the score.

Friday, December 14: Fall Cooper Colloquium and Holiday Lunch, 11am-1pm, Donaghey Student Center, Meeting Room D

Join us for a holiday lunch and to hear students present their Cooper Honors projects.

Updated 7.30.2012