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Student Literacy Corps Application

STEP 1. Eligibility

We use the following factors in considering your eligibility to participate:

  • Tutoring is a semester long commitment at minimum. Do you have time in your schedule to commit to four hours per week of tutoring?
  • Tutoring occurs during the school day from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Does your schedule allow you to tutor during these times?
  • Training is important. Does your schedule allow you to attend a three-hour training schedule at the school site during the first week of the semester? You will be notified via email of the specific date and time.
  • Have you ever been the subject of any complaints or arrest for any criminal conduct, including but not limited to crimes against children?

If you must answer yes, the Student Literacy Corps may not be appropriate for you at this time. Speak with Cheryl Chapman, Instructor, at 837-8472, if you have questions.

STEP 2. Complete the online application below and submit:

Your Availability- A commitment of four hours per week is required. You will tutor one student for each hour. Please check at least three time blocks below that you are available to tutor.

9:00-3:00 pm
9:00-3:00 pm
9:00-3:00 pm
9:00-3:00 pm
9:00-3:00 pm

STEP 3. Interview & Site Placement

After you submit the Application we will contact you by email within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. After the interview, eligible students will be approved to register for ENGL 4390-03.

STEP 4. Training

Student Literacy Corps tutor training requires two steps:

  1. Basic Tutor Training (2 1/2 hrs)
  2. Mandatory training is scheduled during the first week of the semester at the school site. You will be notified via email of the specific date and time. Call 837-8472 if you have questions. Our training session will include the following areas:

    • Your role and responsibilities as a tutor
    • Strategies and tips when working with middle school students
    • Basic tutoring skills, with practice exercises
    • Basic writing skills, with practice exercises
    • Diversity in the Little Rock School District – profile of students
    • Safety
    • Course Requirements & Reporting
  3. On-site Tutor Training (varies)
  4. We will schedule and accompany you on your first visit to the middle school site. At that time you will meet your student, check out the space where you will tutor, tour the school, and learn about site-specific school procedures, signing in and out, and other issues.

STEP 5. Tutoring

Once you have completed the training, start tutoring! We will check in with you periodically to ensure that your placement is working well for you. We have some resources to help you tutor more effectively. We will want you to think about the impact you are making, and what your experience means to you. We will propose weekly discussion questions based on the required text Savage Inequalities. At the end of the semester you will complete a final report (the training will cover the guidelines for your paper). This report will provide us with feedback and ideas to improve the Student Literacy Corps.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Cheryl Chapman, Instructor, at

Updated 11.29.2011