Minor in English

A minor in English requires 18 hours of English electives. These should include ENGL 2337 or ENGL 2339, and the remaining hours must be upper-level courses (3000-4000 level). 3 hours of Internship may count toward the 18-hour total.

Minor in Creative Writing

A minor in creative writing requires 18 hours selected from the creative writing course list.

Minor in Linguistics (catalog term Fall 2016 and after)

A minor in linguistics requires 15 hours.

As an introductory course, students must take either ENGL 3311, ENGL 3312, or ENGL 3313.

In addition to the required introductory course, students must minimally take an additional 6 core hours from the following courses without repeating the introductory course: ENGL 3311, ENGL 3312, ENGL 3313, ENGL 3314, ENGL 4315, ENGL 4317; or ENGL 4370/4100/4200 when the topic is in linguistics.

Elective courses may include up to six additional hours of ENGL coursework, up to 6 hours of coursework from ANTH 4316, LANG 4322, LANG 4323, LANG 4324, LANG 4325, SPCH 2310, SPCH 3300 SPCH 3315, SPCH 4312, SPCH 4357, AUSP 2360, AUSP 3350, AUSP 3363, AUSP 3364, and up to 3 hours of an approved foreign language.

Minor in Linguistics (catalog term 2014-2015 and 2015-2016)

A minor in linguistics requires 21 hours selected from the following:

  1. English 3313 (“Introduction to Linguistics”) (required)
  2. English electives: at least 9 hours of upper-level linguistics courses chosen from English 3311, 3312, 3314, 4315, 4317, and 4370 or 4100/4200 when linguistic topics.
  3. Foreign language electives: Knowledge of a foreign language is strongly recommended for the linguistics minor, and up to 6 foreign language credits may be applied to the linguistics minor
  4. Other electives: up to 9 hours of relevant electives chosen from ANTH 4316, AUSP 3360, AUSP 4366, PHIL 3320, PSYC 2310, PSYC 2340, LANG 4322, LANG 4323, LANG 4324, LANG 4325, and SOCI 3381.

Minor in Film

The English Department participates in an interdisciplinary minor in film. Minors must take MCOM 2306 Introduction to Motion Pictures, and 15 hours of film courses in at least two disciplines. Interested students should consult the School director or the film coordinator in the School of Mass Communication.