Chair’s Message

Welcome to Engineering Science and Systems Program!

This innovative program is designed to promote strong multidisciplinary collaboration across several engineering disciplines, including systems engineering, whose bodies of knowledge influence and intertwine with each other. The uniqueness of this program arises from the fact that, apart from offering a separate systems engineering track, the curriculum requires that all tracks introduce the students to systems engineering by incorporating principles of systems design and analysis into the required core.

Students enrolled in the program will develop the expertise to solve issues concerning complex engineering systems faced by today’s industry and academia. Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to gain both breadth and depth in one of the four disciplines: systems engineering, electrical and computer engineering, telecommunications and networking, and mechanical and materials engineering. The program is intended to develop in motivated students a thirst for learning and an ability to conduct leading edge research mentored by our faculty, who are nationally and internationally recognized in their disciplines. It is our expectation that graduates of this program will serve as professors in educational institutions, as researchers in national or industry laboratories, as leaders in non-profit or commercial organizations, and as consultants or entrepreneurs in high tech and knowledge-based industries in Arkansas, the neighboring states, and the country.

This program brings forth with it a unique set of faculty with diverse specializations and skills from all the departments of the College: Systems Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Information Science and Construction Management. Thus the students will have a wide choice available to conduct research in their areas of interest. State-of the-art laboratories include a MEMS laboratory, an anechoic chamber, a nanotechnology center, and a high performance computing cluster, among others.

In addition to being an important resource for supplying highly trained engineering science and systems graduates to satisfy the economic needs of Arkansas and the nation, the program will serve as a catalyst for promoting and enriching instructional and research relationships between the various departments in the College and other universities and colleges in Arkansas and across the country.

I invite you to join the Doctoral Program in Engineering Science and Systems in your pursuit for high quality education and research, and play an active role in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. Join us to shape the future of the technological landscape that will launch you on an exciting career path in the ever-changing world of engineering and technology.

Thank you,

Dr. Seshadri Mohan
Professor and Chair, Systems Engineering Department