Chair’s Message

anderson_garyWelcome to the Engineering Science and Systems Program at UALR! The Engineering Science and Systems doctoral program offers a unique curriculum that includes a strong interdisciplinary research component.  Students pursuing a doctoral degree will develop in-depth understanding of a cutting-edge field of engineering. Moreover, the doctoral degree enables students to create new knowledge and develop the tools that future engineers will be using in their day-to-day careers. Faculty from throughout the college participate in the program, including those in Systems Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Information Science and Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering. The program has several tracks, including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical  and Materials Engineering, Telecommunications and Networking and Systems Engineering. Students conduct research in one of the colleges state-of the-art laboratories, which includes a MEMS laboratory, an anechoic chamber, a nanotechnology center, a robotics center, a meta-materials laboratory and the Emerging Analytics Center (EAC), a high performance computing and 3-D visualization center, among others.

The ENSS doctoral program is a research-oriented program that prepares graduates to work on leading edge technological problems. Upon graduation, our students find a variety of positions in academia and industry.  I invite you to check out our program and see if one of our forward-looking research programs is right for you.

Gary T. Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Systems Engineering