The program consists of a total of 76 credit hours, which include 17 credit hours of program core courses, 9 credit hours of track core courses, 12 credit hours of electives, and 38 credit hours of dissertation research courses. The student’s plan of study must be developed in conjunction with his/her Doctoral Dissertation Committee and filed with the appropriate Track Coordinator, as well as, the Engineering Science and Systems Graduate Coordinator. Students enrolling in the Engineering Science and Systems Ph.D. program can select one of the four available tracks for their graduate studies, as follows: Systems Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Networking Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Program Core Courses

The Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Systems program core provides students an introduction to the systems approach to engineering, as well as the mathematical and research methodologies and tools needed to successfully complete the Ph.D. studies. The 17 credit hours of program core courses are listed below.

  • Engineering systems component – 3 credit hours: SYEN 7311 Systems Design and Analysis.
  • Engineering seminar component – 4 credit hours (1 credit hour per semester for 4 semesters): SYEN 7192 Graduate Seminar.
  • Engineering ethics component – 1 credit hour: SYEN 7118 Research Ethics in Science and Engineering.
  • Engineering research methodology component – 3 credit hours: CPSC/IFSC/SYEN 7101, 7102, 7103 Research Methodology/Tools/Applications.
  • Engineering mathematical foundations component – 6 credit hours, as advised by the Doctoral Dissertation Committee.

Program Track Courses

The track courses consists of both core and elective courses, as follows:

  • Track core courses: 9 credit hours.
  • Elective courses: 12 credit hours.

A list of the core courses for each of the four program tracks and examples of elective courses are presented below. Students must choose three out of the four listed core courses under their chosen track, and four elective courses, usually from the ones listed under their chosen track. Students may, with their advisors’ permission, choose elective courses from other tracks as necessary to further their research.

Systems Engineering Track

Core courses:
SYEN 7312 System Architecture and Design
SYEN 7313 System Management and Evaluation
SYEN 7314 Multicriteria Decision and Risk Analysis
SYEN 7316 Advanced Systems Simulation

Elective courses examples:

SYEN 7342 Networks and Combinatorial Optimization
SYEN 7315 Complex Engineered Systems
CPSC 7373 Artificial Intelligence
CPSC 7383 Modeling and Simulation
IFSC 7310 Information Systems Analysis
INFQ 7318 Total Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control

Electrical and Computer Engineering Track

Core courses:

SYEN 7302 Advanced Electronics for Instrumentation
SYEN 5332 Applied Operating Systems / CPSC 7321 Operating Systems
SYEN 5354 Power Systems Analysis
SYEN 5366 Advanced Digital Systems

Elective courses examples: 

SYEN 7306 Real-Time Embedded Systems
SYEN 7331 Transducers and Real-Time Control
SYEN 7332 Advanced Operating System Design
CPSC 7321 Operating Systems
CPSC 7331 Computer Architecture
CPSC 7374 Image Processing

Telecommunications and Networking Engineering Track

Core courses:

SYEN 5310 Introduction to Signal Processing / SYEN 5350 Digital Signal Processing
SYEN 5353 Advanced Digital Communications
SYEN 5355 Mobile Multimedia Internet/ CPSC 7341 Telecommunications and Networking
SYEN 5356 Radio Frequency Techniques and Systems

Elective courses examples:

SYEN 7357 Advanced Antennas for Wireless Systems
CPSC 7341 Telecommunications and Networking
CPSC 7343 Sensor Networks
CPSC 7374 Image Processing
IFSC 7321 Information Science: Principles and Theory

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Track

Core courses:
SYEN 5371 Introductory Continuum Mechanics
SYEN 5375 Mechanical Vibrations / SYEN 5384 Computer Methods in Fluids and Heat Transfer
SYEN 5383 Finite Element Analysis
SYEN 7317 Nanostructural Materials: Physical and Chemical Properties / SYEN 7318 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication

Elective courses examples:
SYEN 7307 Smart Materials
SYEN 7374 Elasticity
SYEN 7376 Fracture Mechanics

Dissertation Research Courses: Students are required to complete at least 38 credit hours of doctoral disseration research courses during their doctoral studies, using one of the below designations:

  • CPSC/IFSC/SYEN 9100-9900 Doctoral Research/Dissertation