Electrical and Computer Engineering

This track focuses on embedded systems, robotics, measurement techniques, design of analog and digital electronics and circuits, power systems, digital systems, coding, software systems and operating systems.

Participating Faculty:

Hussain Al-Rizzo
Research Interests: Wireless Communication Systems, Antennas, Metamaterials, Electromagnetics, GPS.

Gary Anderson

Daniel Berleant

Nidhal Bouaynaya
Research Interests: Genomic Signal Processing, Image Processing, Bioinformatics.

Kamran Iqbal
Research Interests: Control and Dynamic Systems, Biomechanics of Human Movement, Computational Intelligence.

Jung Kim

Xian Liu

Steve Menhart

Mariofanna Milanova

Seshadri Mohan

Hirak Patangia

Rama Reddy

Peiyi Tang

M. Eduard Tudoreanu
Research Interests: Information Visualization, Virtual Reality, Information Quality.

Ningning Wu

Haiyan Xie
Research Interests: System Simulation and Modeling, Building Information Modeling, Construction Graphics, Construction Information Retrieval, Innovation Technology in Construction Engineering and Management.

Mengjun Xie

Cang Ye

Shucheng Yu

Jing Zhang

Wenle Zhang