Radiation Safety


The objective of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock) Radiation Safety Program is to assist all levels of management in fulfilling the UA Little Rock commitment to furnish a place of employment and learning which is as free as possible from recognized radiation hazards that cause or are likely to cause harm or death to personnel and the surrounding community. It is vital that faculty, staff, and students have sufficient information available to aid them in the safe conduct of their day-to-day work activities while working with radioactive materials and/or devices.

Radiation Safety Office

Office Location: Facilities Management 217

Interim Radiation Safety Officer (RSO): Vince Rodgers · 501.371.7602

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

After Hours Emergency Contact:

Department of Public Safety: 501.569.3400

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The purpose of the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is to promote the best practice in safe handling and use of radiation sources. The RSC is also established to assure compliance with state regulations and the conditions set forth by the license.

The license held by UA Little Rock is an academic institution license and includes a number of radionuclides and sealed sources. One license is held by the entire university, and any individual or action, which jeopardizes the license, endangers the permission of all researchers to utilize radioactive materials at UA Little Rock.

All contact should be via the Radiation Safety Office.The RSO/RSC’s services are available to all users, department heads, and the administrative officials of the university.

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The Radiation Safety Committee has obtained in the name of UA Little Rock an academic institution license from the Arkansas Department of Health for the use of radioactive materials. The Radiation Safety Office/Committee approves internal permits for responsible and qualified individuals to use radioactive materials within UA Little Rock after the permission has been approved by the Health Department.

The permits are approved for the purchase, transfer, use, and disposal of specific amounts of a particular nuclide within the educational and research facilities of UA Little Rock.

The Committee and RSO requires the completion and approval of the appropriate application forms before permission can be granted. Contact the RSO for more information.

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The Radiation Safety committee shall meet a minimum of one time each semester, upon due notice by the Radiation Safety Officer, who shall advise the Committee members of the time and place of the meetings.

The proceedings of each meeting shall be recorded, published and circulated to Committee members, and may be made available to interested persons upon request.

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Emergency Procedures

In any radiation emergency, personnel protection and emergency medical care have priority over radioactive decontamination of the building and equipment.

For all cases, the Radiation Safety Officer (501.371.7602 or after hours, 501.529.2841) must be notified as soon as possible. For details, see the Radiation Safety Manual.

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Radiation Users

Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for the training schedule information. Radiation user training is held on demand. UA Little Rock cooperates with UAMS in regard to initial radiation safety training.

The office also has a CD-ROM based training course, which you may borrow. After completing the CD training, you will be able to print a certificate of completion if you score 80% or above on the included test. CD-ROM based training may be used as refresher training.

Auxiliary Workers

Please contact the Radiation Safety Office for the training schedule. The office has a slideshow presentation to review general radiation training information.

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Application Forms

Please submit all applications to the Radiation Safety Office for consideration. Bring applications to ETAS 329, or FAX them to 501-569-8039. Applications will be reviewed by Radiation Safety Officers, who will then meet with consultants. Finally, a meeting will be held with the prospective users and the Radiation Safety Officers.

Application for User of Radionuclide

Application for Radionuclide Safety Training (This must accompany Use of Radionuclide form.)

Radioisotope Inventory & Disposal Log

Audit Checklist

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