UA Little Rock GolfFEST

UA Little Rock Facilities Management is committed to recognizing the good work of our dedicated employees and enhancing their opportunities to lead a fuller and more enriched life. Education and training are vital in today’s competitive economy, and our hope is to offer help to those who may not otherwise have the means to access the education and training they desire.

Although UA Little Rock already offers generous tuition discounts to employees, many still can’t afford to participate in programs to advance their career. With the help of our business partners and community friends, we can provide recognition, motivation, and educational opportunities. Help us add value to their lives and advance their dreams. Drew Stephens and Angela Parker with UA Little Rock’s Office of Communications composed the accompanying video that documents the event.

On behalf of the UA Little Rock Facilities Management Scholarship Fund and the staff of UA Little Rock Facilities Management, please join us in supporting the annual GolfFEST. Our tournament is held in the fall at the Chenal Country Club unless otherwise stated. We thank you in advance for your participation and commitment to this wonderful program.


UA Little Rock GolfFEST Tournament Committee

David Millay, UA Little Rock
Cadence Baize, UA Little Rock
David Sargent, WER Architects
Lloyd Garrison, CDI Construction
Dan Beranek, McClelland Consulting Engineers
David Porter, Polk Stanley Wilcox
Robert Brown, Development Consultants, Inc.
Jeff Marcussen, Baldwin & Shell Construction
Shawn Carroll, East Harding Construction
Ian Hadden, UA Little Rock
Jeff Swan, PPGMR Law
Michael McGrew, Clark Contractors
Clay Gordon, Kinco Constructors
Shanna Fitzgerald, UA Little Rock
Tim McMennamy, Innerplan
Vince Rodgers, UA Little Rock
Mike McClellan, Harrison Energy Partners
Ed Tinsley, Bernhard TME
Lindsey Humphries, Bernhard TME
Brandon Ruhl, Taggart Architects
Greg Cockmon, Cromwell
Van Tilbury, East Harding Construction
Jake Nabholz, Nabholz Construction
David Payne, Curtis Stout
Lindsey Brackett, Bernhard TME
Todd Kuhn, Cromwell
Rob Seay, Cromwell
Cody Yeoman,Middleton Heating & Air
David Ray, Middleton Heating & Air