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Facilities Management

Campus Beautification Committee Initiated

SSC.JPGThe Campus Beautification Committee (CBC) consists of a multi-disciplinary cross-section of campus stakeholders initiated by Chancellor Andrew Rogerson and appointed by Vice Chancellor Steve McClellan. The primary mission of the CBC, which meets bi-monthly with Facilities Management leadership, is to develop and undertake projects that will make our campus a safe, beautiful, environmentally responsive, sustainable, and inviting environment in which to learn, work, and play.

The committee has identified several improvements that are going to be commencing very shortly. They are marked on the attached map and described below. We invite you to take a look at these projects, both on this website and in person as they are being completed. Once completed, there will be pictures on our website as well. We invite you to visit the site periodically to see some of the exciting things going on with your campus home!


CBC Map.JPGThe landscaping projects below have been designated as high priority, high impact projects that can be completed to enhance the overall aesthetics of the campus. Please see the map to the right for locations of each project as they are numbered 1-7.

  1. Construction of flower beds in front of the large campus signs on the South and North side of 28th St. entrance to campus at University Ave. Flower beds will be constructed of brick and pre-cast concrete that will match the existing brickwork. Irrigation will be extended to the new flower beds from the nearest source. Removal of seven trees behind the electronic sign to help with the health of some of the larger trees. This will also open up some sunlight in order to get some ground cover to prevent some erosion.
  2. Student Services landscape bed renovation on the North side of Lot 1 and on the South side of the circle drive. New rock planter beds will be installed and turf added to match the area North of DSC between Student Services Building.
  3. Re-develop areas at Northeast corner of DSC/swimming pool entrance. Bradford Pear trees will be removed to increase safety of students and faculty during icy weather and help keep limbs from damaging windows at the DSC in that area. Removal will also help to get a suitable ground cover established in this area. Shrubs will be added in the existing landscape area under the office windows.
  4. Renovate the landscape beds in front of Ross Hall. New soil will be brought in inside the existing sloped areas and new plants will be placed there and also in cut-outs in the brick walkways at the entrance of the building.
  5. Sloped areas in front of Trojan grill will be re-sodded and irrigation modified to help stabilize the soil in this area.
  6. Remove three dying Redbud trees and replace existing tree wells on the North side of Student Union B building. The eight tree wells will be filled with four new trees, and four new large landscape flower pots that will contain a mixture of annual and perennial flowers.
  7. Remove overgrown and dying landscape shrubs on the Southwest corner of University Plaza. Add new plantings and shrubs around the newly constructed University Plaza sign at the corner of University Avenue and Asher Avenues.

Committee Members

Cadence Baize
Mark Brown
John Evans            Send us your ideas!Suggestion Box 5
Mark Glidden
Brian Gregory
Nancy Hamilton
Richard Harper
Loveleen Kaur
Beth McMillan
David Millay
Janessa Rogerson
Andy Terry
Sandra Vail
Richard Wolford
Updated 9.29.2017