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Facilities Management


King Benningfield, Custodial Department

King BenningfieldKing Benningfield has been with Facilities Management as a member of the Custodial department since March 2000. Mr. Benningfield has been instrumental to the department largely because his supervisor has been absent for a few months. Mr. Benningfield has assisted the Assistant Director and other supervisors in the day-to-day operation of their custodial crews. He has helped out in lieu of other absences within his group by picking up and delivering their supplies and by being a messenger between them and the Assistant Director to deliver additional assignments. He has stepped into these additional assignments and responsibilities with a great attitude and without any monetary compensation, which is beyond the normal call of duty. Therefore, he has been selected as the Employee of the Month for June. Congratulations Mr. King Benningfield, and thank you for a job well done!

Updated 6.13.2014