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Facilities Management


How to Log into TimeForce

You can log into TimeForce by clicking on the graphic below and typing your User Name, Password, and Company Code, which are provided by the Facilities Management H.R. Coordinator.

TimeForce Login

TimeForce Usage for Employees

Employees can log into TimeForce to verify their timecards, to submit a time off request, and to view existing time off requests. Please consult with the Facilities Management H.R. Coordinator or the TimeForce Employee Guide if you need more information than what’s provided in the previous instructional guides.

TimeForce Usage for Supervisors

Supervisors can log into TimeForce for all of the employee tasks as well as to approve/deny existing time off requests for their employees, to approve or correct timecards, to adjust punches with errors, to enter absences, and to generate reports. Please refer to the TimeForce Usage for Employees section for assistance with completing employee tasks. Instructions for supervisory tasks in TimeForce can be found in the TimeForce Supervisor Guide.

Updated 8.27.2013