Public Service

This award is to recognize, encourage, and reward those individuals who have brought credit to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock through their successful efforts in applying the content or skills of their academic disciplines in service to the community, state, or nation in areas of public interest.

This award is designed to distinguish those persons whose achievements in serving the public interest have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, or nationally.

Winner Profiles

  • Aknoukh
    Dr. Amin Akhnoukh
    Supporter for Underserved Students Dr. Amin Akhoukh has been involved in service to UALR as well as service to the local, national, and international…  
  • Anderson
    Dr. Glenn Anderson
    Trailblazer in the Deaf Community Dr. Glenn Anderson’s career is anchored in public service at the university level, state level, and throughout the nation.…  
  • Foster
    Ms. Lynn Foster
    Service-Oriented Law Professor Professor Lynn Foster has exemplified the law school’s core values of professionalism, public service, and access to justice. Professor Foster is…  
  • Gilbert
    Ms. Cindy Gilbert
    A Shining Example Professor Cindy Gilbert has gone above and beyond and has been a shining example of someone who is dedicated to the…  
  • Mann
    Dr. Kristin Dutcher Mann
    Service Before Self Dr. Kristin Dutcher Mann’s service to her students, to her colleagues, and to the educational community is tireless. Most extraordinary, Dr.…  
  • Montague
    Dr. David Montague
    National Leader with Inmate Rehabilitation Dr. David Montague’s influence in community outreach is his willingness to share his expertise concerning the assassination of President…  
  • Jay_Sims_sm
    William Jay Sims
    Sharing Science Expertise Instructor William Jay Sims has taught in the Department of Earth Science for 15 years, while portraying a commitment to service…