Public Service

This award is to recognize, encourage, and reward those individuals who have brought credit to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock through their successful efforts in applying the content or skills of their academic disciplines in service to the community, state, or nation in areas of public interest.

This award is designed to distinguish those persons whose achievements in serving the public interest have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, or nationally.

Winner Profiles

  • Thomas Wallace
    Mr. Thomas Wallace
    George W. Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology Advanced Instructor of Information and Science Mr. Thomas Wallace is known for his exceptional teaching.…  
  • Karen Kuralt
    Dr. Karen Kuralt
    College of Social Sciences and Communication Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing Dr. Karen Kuralt is an associate professor and the graduate coordinator in…  
  • John Kirk
    Dr. John Kirk
    College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Donaghey Distinguished Professor of History Dr. John Kirk is the director of UALR’s Institute on Race and Ethnicity…  
  • Joe Felan
    Dr. Joe Felan
    College of Business Associate Professor of Management Dr. Joe Felan, who devotes much of his spare time to educating and mentoring young people, volunteers…  
  • Samuel Atcherson
    Dr. Samuel Atcherson
    College of Education and Health Professions Assistant Professor of Audiology and Speech Pathology Dr. Samuel Atcherson’s research focuses on how the auditory system processes simple…  
  • Adjoa Aiyetoro
    Professor Adjoa Aiyetoro
    William H. Bowen School of Law Professor of Law Professor Adjoa Aiyetoro has been a leading voice in ending racial disparities in the criminal…  
  • Aknoukh
    Dr. Amin Akhnoukh
    Supporter for Underserved Students Dr. Amin Akhoukh has been involved in service to UALR as well as service to the local, national, and international…